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Why the Hurry?

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Are you always in a hurry even when there is no reason to hurry? If so, I have a word for you; SLOW DOWN! Learning how to slow down on the inside will help you slow down on the outside. Who has ever told us that life has to be lived in a hurry? We need to slow down in a hurried world.

Words associated with hurry are: confusion, commotion, turmoil, and rush. There's nothing positive in any of these words. So, let's adjust ourselves to slow down. When we are going too fast, we are more apt to make mistakes, get in accidents, and miss out on things. I confess, I have done all three. I want to enjoy a good book and remember what I read. I want to enjoy my food instead of eating too fast. I also want to enjoy my children and grandchildren with all the phases of their lives.

We can learn a lesson from children and the elderly. They seem to walk slow, eat slow, look at people and nature, all while smiling along the way. They are not in a hurry for anyone or anything. We too have permission to slow down like that, and we should for our mental health. Life is not a race, and sometimes slowing down is needed in order to speed up on enjoying life.

Remember, slowing down is not an issue of if we're busy or not. It's learning how to slow down in the midst of life. It's learning how to say "no" to one more thing, because the real power move is not saying "yes". True success is not by being busy. It's feeling and being healthy, both physically and mentally. We can also learn how to stop telling people how busy we are, and say, "I am just right," instead. Now, how many people do you know that can say that? Not many! There is wisdom in slowing down, cutting things out of your life, and saying no; I hope you find it.

A quote I recently read says it best; "Less Do, More Be." Tell yourself daily, "I am still important if I slow down."

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