• Pastor Lorie Nichols

Me and My Big Red Barn

Go Slow!

As churches are reopening, can I encourage everyone to do it slow? Maybe at first only add back to your church those things that really mattered to you while you were in quarantine. This is what I have felt drawn to in quarantine: Prayer, Worship, and only releasing the Words of the Lord (those are words that you have to wait for God to reveal; it has taken much discipline on my part to be still for these words). God has not given everything to me in an instant. It's been more like a slow unraveling. This is such a divine time. We do not want to rush back into anything. We want to be led by the Spirit every step of the way.

Stand strong! Some may try to get you to do this or that, but you know what God is creating in your heart, so stick with that. Don't be moved by what other churches are doing. Every church has a divine blueprint to follow. You may get laughed at or mocked because you are going against the status quo, but oh well; so did Jesus.

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