• Pastor Lorie Nichols

Me and My Big Red Barn

April 8, 2020

I want to encourage you today to stir up the gifts and talents God has given you. They are in you to use for His praise. Yes, when people hear and see you operating in your gifts and talents, they will praise God for what He is doing through you. The gifts and talents you were born with develop over time as you grow both naturally and spiritually. If you can sing, sing. If you can teach, teach. If you are a construction worker, be your best. If you are a nurse, do it well. If you are a stay at home housewife or parent, shine in everything you put your hands to do.

Everyone is someone doing something. God has made us who we are. We do not need to compare to, or copy anyone else. Be content with your gifts and talents. God is giving people creativity right now. Pay attention to dreams, visions, and ideas that come to your thoughts. You may have to weed some of them out, but the majority of them will be God speaking to you. Some ideas may require you to step out of your boat of comfortableness. However, rest assure that if you step out, you will come alive into new adventures! Who knows; you may even start a new business.

Listing your gifts, talents, and desires, both naturally and spiritually, will help you engage in them and lead you to your destiny. Try to focus on what you are gifted and talented in, but not all the time since He is the God of the impossible and can make something out of nothing. Look up these scriptures: Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 12:1-11, Ephesians 4:11,12. These will give you some ideas of hidden things in you; hidden because you have never considered them to be gifts or talents. This is exciting!

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