• Pastor Lorie Nichols

Healing What's Been Broken

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

What do you do when you have had a broken childhood? The answer is, you depend on God's saving grace to save and restore you from something that was never meant to be. If truth be known, every person has had some brokenness; however, some people's brokenness is worse than others.

God is faithful to help and heal all who come to Him; He does not leave us drowning in our sorrow. According to Isaiah 42:3, He will not crush the weakest reed or put out a flickering candle. He will bring justice to all who have been wronged. It is not a vengeance on the outside that is done to the person who afflicted the injustice. Freedom is worth the change! As the song goes, "Say goodbye to every pain". God is calling you out from underneath it all.

People really do have a choice. They can either stay a victim or become a victor. They can either forgive or choose to be unforgiving, which can turn into something worse like bitterness or resentment. We are told to leave our past behind and move forward. There are some simple steps to take to help you do that. I call these the three A's to freedom.

1. Acknowledge you have issues.

2. Ask God to help you and heal you.

3. Accept the help He brings you.

The only people in my years of ministry that have not been healed of their brokenness are the ones that refuse to be healed. People's mentality may be, it's too much work to be free; I would rather stay where I am at. Can I just say, that is a defeated mindset, and a wrong one at that? Thinking like that is the reason why so many go on in their brokenness without recovery.

So, once again, consider acknowledging you have issues, asking God to help you, and accepting the help He brings.


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